CoolXChange Gel Bandage

CoolXChange Gel Bandage

Supplier: CoolXChange

CoolXChange is an innovative gel bandage which advances R.I.C.E menthodology by combining the cooling and compression stages, providing a convenient and effective 2 in 1 solution for pain relief and recovery.

    Features include
      Use anywhere, anytime - no refridgeration required
        Works immediately
          Can be worn continuously and comfortably for extended periods, no ice burns
            Self adhesive
              No mess, no smell
                Reseal and re-use.
                  Available in large (75mm x 3m) and regular (75mm x 1.2m)

                  Portable Document Format (PDF)UPI15645 CoolXChange Product Sheet A4 2pp FA LR (1.28mb)

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